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Crypto & Digital Assets are one of the most volatile and momentous assets the world has ever seen. It's a trader's dream. Learn from seasoned professionals managing millions.


Trading is not for everyone, and that is okay. As the crypto market matures, fundamental valuation models are becoming more and more practical and profitable. Learn the valuation models our teams have used to identify several 10 baggers in the crypto markets. 


No money to invest? No problem. This industry rests on the shoulders of builders. Learn the skills necessary to contribute to projects and earn yourself a stake in their success. 

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Our suite of programs teaches you everything you need to know about crypto trading and investing. From charting, to fundamental analysis, to building trading systems. Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader, you will find tools that can help you take your trading and investing game to the next level.

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Going alone can be challenging, lonely and boring. At Crypto Academy we have built a like-minded community of people that believe in the future of crypto assets. Some are full time traders, others are builders working in the industry, and yet many are hobbyists that love to learn more about crypto and sharpen their trading game.

With the perfect mix of professional guidance and casual camaraderie, you'll quickly find a home in the academy and accelerate your learning.

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Have experts analyze the charts and markets for you live.

- Every Wednesday at 2 pm EST for a 1-2 hour review of the crypto markets

- The Second Friday of every month at 2 pm EST for a 1-2 hour review of the global macro markets 

On-Demand Trainings


You'll learn about: 

- Reading Trading Charts

- Analyzing Tokens Fundamentally

- Managing Risk

- Creating Trading Systems

- The DeFi Ecosystem

and more...



Immerse yourself in a vibrant community from all corners of the world where you can:

- Get your questions answered

- Meet fellow crypto traders

- Share trade ideas

- Keep a live pulse on the market

- Lighten your day with hilarious crypto memes

Learn about the DeFi Ecosystem

Get yourself a free training on us and learn about the world of DeFi in our brand new course: The DeFi Ecosystem

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Jacob W. Bailey, Frmr. Vice Consul, Department of International Trade, United Kingdom


"Felix is the real deal. If you want to learn how to trade, using the strategies that are working right now, then you need to check out the academy."

University of Augsburg


“Mr. Hartmann was able to explain this complex technology in a simple way to our students, through his deep knowledge in the areas of Bitcoin & Blockchain, as well as through his sympathetic personality.”

Paul McNeal,


"Felix is a Rockstar Trader, you will learn a ton!"

Daniel, Member 2019 - Present

“I think it would take me 5x as much time and money if Felix was not here.”

Steve, Member 2018 - Present

“Joining was probably the smartest thing I've done financially in a very long time. It led me here, and I'm very comfortable here with Felix at the helm, and being surrounded by people who believe in crypto. ”

Manuela, Member 2019 - Present

“The program provides everything you need to learn the foundations of (crypto) trading, even if you are a complete newbie. Linked with CTL where you can experience all you've learned in practice it's outstanding.”

Sam, Member 2017 - Present

"It's a great learning experience for anyone who is interested in investing, trading, or diving into the technology behind cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. When I first joined the course, I did not know how to trade and had no idea what a cryptocurrency was. But after consuming the video content made by Felix I made smarter investments, better trades, and had a good understanding of cryptocurrencies." 

Nico, Member 2019 - Present

“Felix’s expertise really amazed me. What I really appreciate is the amount of content he put in. There’s an amazing 47 sessions in ‘Foundations’ alone.”

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