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The #1 Investing Opportunity of the 21st Century - If you missed out on the internet revolution, here is your 2nd Chance

In the past 12 months alone, the entire Crypto Currency Market has 13x'd. That is neither a peak performance, nor an outlier. That is the AVERAGE. 1300% ROI on average. If you were a trained trader or investor, you may even have taken home returns in excess of 10,000%. The age of Crypto Currencies is here, and I am here to teach you how to trade them profitably while always hedging your risk.


At Crypto Academy you will: 

- Learn how to spot the right investments

- Know when to buy and when to sell

- Put money in your pocket every month

- Create a second stream of income as an investor

- Make a living as a Trader

Are We in a Bitcoin Bubble?

Become A Crypto Trader

Become a Trading Pro by Conquering the Three Areas of Mastery

Crypto Valuation

Learn about the 4 Pillars of Crypto Valuations and how you can use them to stay away from scam coins and find the next goldmine. 

Find the Patterns

Find the most powerful patterns which will allow you to time your investments and successfully day trade.

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Dividends & More

Learn how to earn dividends on your crypto and find a style that works best for you, from day-trading to HODLing.

"The best qualities for a trader to have are his determination, confidence, and patience. Felix has these in massive abundance!! Let his experience and hard-work guide you to the profits you are looking for!"

Jerremy Alexander Newsome
CEO Reallifetrading

"Felix is the real deal. Unlike many people who just teach stuff they did years ago, Felix actually makes a living trading and actively does everything that he teaches. I don't know of anyone who works harder or cares more about their students than Felix. So if you want to learn how to trade, using the strategies that are working right now, then you need to check out this course."

Jacob Whitish
Founder of the Digital Stock Summit

Why Crypto is Ideal for Active Traders

Become A Crypto Trader

Crypto Academy Products

Exclusive Video Library

You will receive access to multiple hours of exclusive video content teaching you everything you need to know to go from Crypto Newbie to Pro and be able to consistently profit. From Market Mechanics, over Fundamental Coin Analysis, and Technical Analysis Foundations teaches everything and even Crypto Strategies and Trading Psychology. 

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Live Weekly Market Review

As a Pro-Subscriber you have access to our crypto trading room, which meets every week live to review the market and any coins requested by its members. Profit faster by finding the best set-ups and save yourself from falling for a bad trade by having the accountability of the group.

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Monthly Access to:

Foundations of Crypto Trading:

How the Crypto Market Works

How to analyze Crypto Currencies Fundamentally and value them

How to read charts and utilize Technical Analysis to time your trades 

Select a Trading Strategy that works for any lifestyle, busy or relaxed!

And much more!





Monthly Access to: 

Foundations of Crypto Trading


Crypto Trader Live: 

A Live Weekly Trading room where we identify the best trades to take the coming week, and what to watch out for in the markets


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Monthly Access to: 

Foundations of Crypto Trading


Crypto Trader Live


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Get 1-on-1 training and accountability from the Head Instructor himself to maximize your profits every week.


What Members are Saying


"Felix is a Rockstar trader, you will learn a TON!" 

- Paul, Virgina USA


"Felix is the Wolf of GDAX" 

- Kyungin, South Korea


"Felix is THE MASTER, I have watched many traders but Felix is one of the guys that makes trading very simple."

- Juan, Argentina

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Meet Your Trading Coach and Mentor

Felix O. Hartmann

Felix started trading back in 2012 at mere 17 years old. Since then he has been a profitable stock, options, and now cryptocurrency trader, specialized in micro-swing and day-trading. He's spoken at the Digital Stock Summit, and coached dozens of others in mastering the craft of trading.

A blockchain enthusiast, Felix is part of the inaugural Ethereum based Consensys Blockchain Developer Academy sponsored by the Dubai Futures Foundation.

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